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Employer of Thugs Derek Sanders Enjoying His Lovely New Home

by on Jan.04, 2008, under NYC, The Press

La Esquina owner Derek Sanders and his wife, Calvin Klein Collection president Michelle Kessler-Sanders, are living large in Roxbury.  The New York Times article doesn’t mention how Michelle feels about her husband never addressing numerous public accusations of rape, assault & battery and terroristic threats against their customers including Argentine journalist Alberto Armendáriz, by staff including alleged threats to commit rape by La Esquina doorman Dominic Chianese, Jr.

Gersten and Sanders also repeatedly refused to acknowledge or accept certified letters sent to them by the lawyer of a least one La Esquina complainant (guess which one).

Perhaps one day Michelle will weigh in on the rape allegations at her husbands’ establishment. Until then I sincerely hope she’s enjoying her lovely new home paid for by her husband’s victimized customers.





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