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Night of the Living Dead

by on May.22, 2008, under NYC, The Press

Dominic Chianese, Jr. working the door at La Esquina. “I will rape you. I will rape you and leave you for dead…In the old days you would be dead.” He is the employee of James Gersten, Derek Sanders (and pretend owners Serge Becker and Cordell Lochin).

According to carefully chosen words by Paper Magazine (now retracted and removed) and a highly informed blogger, alleged longtime drug abuser and La Esquina doorman Dominic “Rapey” Chianese, Jr.–the Nosferatulike ringleader of our assault, battery and menacing, the one who slapped me repeatedly, broke our camera, threatened to rape us and told us that “in the old days you would be dead”–was shot to death by a crack dealer in Florida. Selected portions of the rumor were then revised (he’s not quite dead) while the part about the crack deal remains vague. Is there any link between his Florida visit and Becker’s La Esquina Miami? Floridians beware.

Here’s what James Gersten and Derek Sanders’ unlicensed bouncers did to me:







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