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Ohio Creature Footprints

by on Jan.26, 2011, under The Truth Is In Here

9" to 10" footprints with three claws. Note the apparent blood droplets at top left. Click images to see full size.

“I am not used to seeing the kind of tracks in my back yard like the samples I’m attaching here. Any ideas?  Looks BIG.  Gulp.”

So read the email I received last week from my close friend S. with 4 photos attached (the one above was also a Coast to Coast AM Photo of the Day on 1/27/11).  He lives in Franklin County, Ohio near Columbus, works in a highly visible profession and is too shy to post these images himself — but he’s also alarmed by the footprints he and his wife found in their back yard last week after the last big snowfall. Knowing of my keen interest in the ridiculous-yet-hard-to-explain, he sent them to me.

He’s been perusing BFRO’s site for sasquatch sightings in his area looking to make some kind of sense of this, but to no avail.

“The right track has blood on it — the right foot seems to indicate a foot injury,” his email continued.  “We are kinda freaking out.  We have spent hours combing through wild animal track books, trying to isolate and identify the tracks, hoping to come up with an explanation. WHOA.  Freaking.


He says the tracks crossed through his yard and stopped at a large tree.  Sadly there was no shivering juvenile squatch hiding in the tree when he looked up — but then where did it go? Did it fly away? Jersey devil? Mothman? My two cents — these aren’t sasquatch, Jersey devil or mothman prints; they’re clearly dogman prints. Perhaps it leapt from the tree onto another tree or onto his roof (he didn’t think to look there for more prints) and was gone.  (UPDATE 1/27/11: I just searched and found this regarding Ohio’s “Loveland creature,” a reptilian spotted in 1955 and 1972, so I’m switching my opinion from dogman to lizardman.)

They’re real. It’s not a hoax. Your theory?  He’s open to your explanations.

Apparent blood droplets, top left, spattered all along right foot path.


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  • shawn

    This is so wierd. Around the same time as these photos I saw the same thing in my yard. I also live in Franklin County in Hilliard. They came from the road, through my yard into my neighbors yard, around my bushes, then off through the neighborhood. I would love to find out what it was. I’ll definitely take pictures next time.

  • Jon

    After looking at these more and someone saying that they believe it is a rabbit and they have these in their yard too. I believe the 3 toe like marks are from the rear end of the rabbit. He jumps forward and when he land’s his tail and to legs make the 3 toe figure. Has to be rabbits what else is out in the middle of winter that could make these and the prints be so far apart.

  • Jon

    These foot print’s look exactly like one’s I found this winter in my yard. After a big storm in Muskegon, MI. one day I noticed these prints in my yard. They also have what looked like 3 toes in the front portion. The distance between foot prints was a long stretch. I wish I had taken photo’s of them. I came to the conclusion it must be a rabbit or something like that. They were just really odd, huge and far apart and symmetrical like these. Yet how could a rabbit do that ???

  • laura

    anyone else think its strange how even and straight they are? if anything i would say bird or rodent definetly NOT a big bipedle animal

  • sistercilla

    don’t think it was rabbits, or owls, just google rabbit tracks or owl tracks and you’ll see that they obviously don’t match up….it is strange though that the footprints to the right are going the opposite direction….maybe this creature was injured(bleeding)didn’t want to put pressure on the injured leg so was hopping on one foot? I’m ruling out squirrels because the pictures of squirrel tracks just doesn’t add up…very interesting!

  • Matrix Pro

    Anyone else feeling weird about all the chaos in Egypt? Sure feels like a good time to repent and look to Jesus Christ for forgiveness and hope don’t you agree? God have mercy on us.

  • Nelson Hash

    This is a wicked site. It has good info, that can be worked into my plans. I will be back.

  • gold bug

    these photos look very interesting and I think I may have an explanation for them as I have seen this before. I have actually seen the animal that made them. It’s an owl. they dive into the snow hunting for mice. I know you will say the tracks are in a stride pattern and they are ,But when I saw this happening it was two owls hunting together.

  • Sean

    These aren’t foot prints. They are body impressions of a small animal. Don’t know if it has already been suggested, I haven’t read all the replies here. But that is what these are. Remember, never go directly to a paranormal explanation. We must exhaust all other explanations first. Keep us from giving the hating skeptics fuel for their fires…

  • Jefe Von Stanley

    Hi Joedy,

    Great site. I forwarded your comment directly to him and also he reads these postings.


  • joedy cook

    hey jefe can you get me intuch with the guy who found the three toe tracks in his back yard.i’m wrighting a new book on the ohio dogman i have been on a few werewolf investigations were we have found three toe tracks just like the one’s on your site. i need to talk with him can you pass on my email. thank you joedy

  • Jeff K.

    I’m in NY and have many rabbit tracks around my house and each hop is only about a foot in distance. Given each track in the photos is about 10 inches, these tracks look as if there is at least 3 feet between hops, which is curious. Also, the side-by-side tracks appear to have the “three toes” at opposite sides indicating to me that there was a single creature that hopped through the frame in one direction, turned around, and then went back from whence it came creating the illusion of a two legged creature. The blood? Well, maybe that’s why it turned around. Could have been attacked by something then decided to go the other way.

  • Marlena Lindenfelser

    I am willing to suspend my disbelief to love a good present

  • Jason

    It would be a rabbit! I have lots of the same marks in my yard

  • Jefe Von Stanley

    Okay, so we have a concensus: lizardman.

  • Jefe Von Stanley

    I’m glad someone’s finally talkin’ sense.

  • John B

    I appears to me to be the imprint of an owl swooping down and snagging a rabbit or a squirrel and it was trying to make a wild dash to get away.

  • Paul R

    I think it was two squirrels, playing in the snow. They didn’t go to the tree and dissappear, they came out of the tree. The ‘toes’ are to the rear of the direction of movement, snow splatter to the front, or ‘heel’. Each track is the entire body imprint as the squirrel hopped through the snow. Each of the three ‘toes’ were it’s hind legs and tail dragging as it’s body came in for a landing.

  • Brant

    ill go two deer also. blood sample would have cool ,might have cost some coins.but could have made the case. too bad just more wierd pics

  • Duane P.

    You can rule out rabbits. I’ve never known one who would climb trees. But the most obvious are cats or squirrels. Squirrels usually jump long strides in snow. I’ve hunted for over 40 years. These are very typical jumping strides of squirrels.

  • Jefe Von Stanley

    Yep, this was covered below by a few people, lending credence to the squirrel/small animal theory. Two animals hopping along together, one of them injured. Or is it that lizardmen are only able to hop?

  • Carolyn

    What I don’t get is that if this creature was walking upright it does not have a stride like a human, was it hopping to make the prints be side by side or was I the only one who saw that?

  • Leigh

    Another suggestion from a tracker that I have a lot of respect for suggested the following:

    “I’d love to see better pix, but my suspects are two deer. Blood may be second rut, usually in January for the does that aren’t bearing.”

  • Leigh

    Rabbits often do travel in pairs and/or small groups.


    Jefe Von Stanley
    January 31st, 2011 on 10:42 am

    Love it. And I think you’re the first to specifically suggest rabbit.

    Although if that’s it, or some other small animal, there’d have had to have been two of them hopping along almost side by side to make the two sets of prints facing the same way, and one of them would have to be bleeding, not that any of that is out of the question. Do rabbits normally travel in pairs?

  • Jefe Von Stanley

    Sounds pretty terrifying.

  • Orly

    32 years ago when I was 11 my neighbor seen a dark figure with a hooded cape running on the ditch bank behind his home late at night. He could make out a face but just the figure of something that stopped to look at him as he proceed to enter his yard.
    The next day he told me what he seen and we went the the area where he seen it stand starring at him and we found similar foot prints to the snow foot prints… although I think there was 4 pointed toes and not three like the photos.
    Makes me wonder if they are the same?


    If you have flying squirrel’s in ohio thats what it is i was stumped when i found similar tracks…until weeks later when i caught one in the act.

  • Jefe Von Stanley

    Love it. And I think you’re the first to specifically suggest rabbit.

    Although if that’s it, or some other small animal, there’d have had to have been two of them hopping along almost side by side to make the two sets of prints facing the same way, and one of them would have to be bleeding, not that any of that is out of the question. Do rabbits normally travel in pairs?

  • Leigh

    Every year when it snows reports of “three-toed creatures” are presented via photographs. One must understand that animals tend to move differently in different substrates. In deep snow they tend to bound. The three toes are the two front feet and nose of a Eastern Cottontail. The track, as a whole, is the full body of the rabbit. The snow was probably powdery when the rabbit first made the track and then weathering occurred altering the shape a bit.

  • Jefe Von Stanley

    There was a response to this issue, please check the replies again. The answer is no, my friend didn’t think to do that. He’s not a cryptid hunter or investigator or geneticist. He just took the pictures of the freaky animal tracks in his back yard and wondered what the footprints were. He and his wife looked high and low in books and online before letting me crowd-source this to the internet. It’s too bad regarding the (apparent) blood not being sampled because it would have indeed solved the squirrel/not squirrel question assuming he could find someone with the time and lab access willing to test it for free. There is no claim here that anyone is a professional investigator, and my friend has never stated that these are the tracks of any kind of cryptid; that is solely my own inference. I’m with you; I wish they had taken a blood sample — but they didn’t.

  • AF

    How come there has not been a response to the repeated blood sample posts? That would be the most obvious thing to collect in such a situation, no? It was the first thing I thought of at least… serious credibility is lost without such simple investigative thinking.

  • James Davis

    I live in franklin, columbus Ohio, near osu campus.

    Im guessing like most are saying that this is a small animal hopping place to place. There are plenty of samll animals around here cat’s, rabbits, for sure.

  • Joseph Karel

    Well, from the footprints the creatures feet were shaking a little bit, probably shaking from the cold or the blood it lost. But the blood could be from something the creature was carrying over it’s shoulder, and the blood dripped into the footprints, maybe it was a human or deer it had if it was carrying something? If it was carrying something, was it the creature’s meal or is the creature hospitable and was going to nurse it back to health?
    As for the tracks stopping at the tree, maybe the tree has a portal in it for the creature to pass through to go back home.

  • Jefe Von Stanley

    Thanks very much for the advice. You’re the first to suggest deer/wounded deer. I’ll make sure my friend sees your post.

  • Jefe Von Stanley

    I like it, I like it. Is this for real? Usually bipedal cryptids are sasquatch, followed by dogman, followed by lizardman. I’ve never read about a catman cryptid in the US. Got any links?

  • Dragon Slayer

    obviously reptilian in nature. Why red blood? probably ate something/one recently.

  • Greg

    I have lived most of my life in Ohio, and have been an avid outdoorsman. My belief is that the tracks are from a deer that has been fairly seriously hurt, probably hit by a car. When hurt badly enough, they lose their normal gate and “hop”, and the strange dragmarks are from the hoof of the injured leg dragging before any weight is put on it, prior to the next hop. I would be careful of trying to approach said wounded animal. It may be sheltering near your place. I would call ODNR if you see it hanging around.

  • Ash

    These are tracks of the Ohio cat-man, there have been sightings of such a creature all over Ohio, some think it is a failed government experiment project.. but now finally we have hard evidence that such a creature exists.

  • Jefe Von Stanley

    Sadly no blood sample was taken. That would’ve definitely clinched it re squirrel/not squirrel.

  • Jerry

    My guess is a bobcat or lynx, which have large paws for their size. Cats overlap front and hind paw prints when walking, and the loose snow kicked up by the hind paws can fill and obscure the original print. I also think the 3 toe marks are the back of the track formed as the rear paw pads entered the track, and the rounded part is the front where the kicked up clump of snow landed.

  • rjjrjjr

    The placement of the prints in relation to one another is curious=, not a bipedal gait pattern necessarily. However the alignment does not actually indicate a hopping creature either because the patterns don’t line up well enough. Definitely not a four legged animal. These tracks just don’t look right to me. I do not believe they are real.

  • Randall

    If there was blood, were samples taken for scientific analysis?

  • Bob

    Ask a local DNR officer

    Put some bait out in a different area and see if you get the same tracks and maybe also set up a video or trail camera. Let us know the results.

  • Jerry

    My guess is it’s a fake or a very small person or being. Reason is look how deep the prints are. If it were somwone of average sized or monster, the prints would be deeper. My guess is it’s a fake.

  • Jefe Von Stanley

    Sorry, no kids around. Someone else suggested that already. Although I do want a pair of those monster slippers now.

  • Diane

    The snow doesn’t appear to be packed down as if some weight was applied. The snow looks kind of powdery in the pic–is it actually packed down inside the footprints?

  • Angus Smith

    The blood doesn’t look like it’s from an injury. In an injury I would expect to see it run down the leg, etc. onto the foot and then a smearing effect. It looks more like blood drops from either a wound to an arm or wing, or maybe from something being carried.

  • Shawn D

    What you’ve got there is quite possibly the “fuzzy slippers” monster. See

    You’ve had your fun, now give your little sister her slippers back before I tell your mother. :)

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