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Voices From the Art Church

by on Jun.06, 2015, under The Sixth Boro, Theatre


The Art Church of West Philadelphia. 5219 Webster Street.

As is always the case for me with a new Boneyards venue, I’ve done a little pre-show ghost reconnaissance. Amazing otherworldly video and transcript below. They’re there and they’re waiting for us.

“Hi folks, Jeff Stanley here … 3 shows coming up on the 19th, 27th and 28th of June.  5219 Webster Street in Philadelphia.

And of course one thing I need to do is see if there’s anyone here with us. And you know what I’m talking about. I have here as usual a P-SB7 Investigational TransCommunication Research Device for listening in on voices of the dead.

I understand this place was built in 1925 and was originally a private residence. It has now been made into a performance space.

250 milliseconds, I’m doing FM, scanning reverse …

Is there anyone out there who’d like to talk to us today?

You might want to go on foot.  (I’m taking this as a hostile spirit telling me to get the hell out but as usual there are multiple competing voices vying to be heard.)

If there’s anyone here who would like to audition and be in the show with me …

No clue.  (presumably no clue what the I’m talking about regarding a show, auditions, and this weird device in my hand).

…you gotta really belt it out.

Not me. (a shy one but three hams are coming up)

I need you live onstage with me during the show.  We will be making an earnest attempt to reach out and contact you. About 20 audience members and myself. Is there anybody out there who’d like to say hello today?

Might sing some. (Perfect, I sing three songs during the show so let’s make them duets.)

I like it.


Can you say my name?

Jeffrey Stanley … dialed us in.

If you’d like to tell us anything else — if you’ve lived here for awhile? are you happy that this place is now the Art Church?

I don’t know … Brand new things.  (the building has been entirely renovated so indeed it’s full of brand new things, especially the kitchen which was in full view)

Okay we shall see. Thanks a lot, Iook forward to seeing you all at Boneyards coming up on June 19th.  Thanks a lot, take it easy. Bye bye.


There you have it, folks.

All 2015 SoLow Fest shows are pay-what-you-can but $10 is the suggested donation for Boneyards and advance tickets are required. BOOK NOW.

I’m also thrilled that Boneyards is sharing a triple bill with Joy Cutler’s Anatomy Lesson and Joseph Ahmed’s I Just Want Joseph To Be Well as part of the Body Horror Mini-Fest produced by Cara Blouin.



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