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Life at South Park Elementary

by on Jul.30, 2015, under Film/TV, The Sixth Boro

mmkayAn actual email from an actual college student, and my actual response…

From: Student

To:  Jeffrey Stanley

Here is my week 5 Homework. Unfortunately my roommate caught some sort of stomach bug at a party over the weekend and I just got it passed to me yesterday, and I was laying on my couch watching South Park and eating soup and forgot about all schoolwork until the episode where the kids write “Scrotty McBooogerballs” came on and I had a personal reflection on things that I had written myself, and remembered that I needed to send you my treatment for my final project as well as my other homework.

From: Jeffrey Stanley

To: Student

Not mmkay.

a) I need a doctor’s excuse

b) there’s no homework attached here

Ironically I was also sitting watching South Park tonight and I enjoyed it up until the part where Kenny got killed, which made me think of your final grade.



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