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Serge Becker, Night Stalker

by on Jul.27, 2011, under NYC, The Press

Serge “Kumbaya” Becker portrays an ordinary joe. Photo via

Here’s why you pay a high end publicist a couple-grand a month. She gets you placed in publications like the New York Times Up Close section (Serge Becker, Night Life Impresario) to help repair your reputation, and makes sure you wear humble, down-to-earth nice guy clothes and strike a humble pose as a mere lover of good food and elegant atmospheres who wouldn’t hurt a fly.  How could a guy who loves candelabras be dangerous?

Naturally the fluff piece  about this fake La Esquina owner doesn’t ask him any real questions, and what kind of journalist worth his salt (the asleep-at-the-wheel Ben Detrick in this case) completely avoids discussing Becker’s pattern of condoning assault and battery of his customers, employing known drug addicts and convicted international drug smugglers

My “debauched” right arm. Journalist Ben Detrick you are an asshole.

(yep, read it and weep; I speak from direct personal experience) as his awesome front of house staff (described here as “discerning doormen,”  Detrick reduces all of this to mere “debauchery.”)

Um no, try a reputation for a pattern of allowing felonies at his establishments.  Private citizens, celebrities and politicians come out  in droves to do everything legally possible to stop Becker when he tries to seep into their neighborhoods and open another one of his elitist, violent drug dens, and with good reason.  Helps to have do-nothing cops on your side, eh?

Becker lookalike and Serge Davidian Liev Schreiber. Photo via

Then there’s actor Liev Schreiber whom I want to still respect as an artist but who stupidly describes pal Becker in the article as his “own private David Koresh.”  Does Schrieber know who Koresh was?  Was that a Freudian slip? Because in a way it is accurate, I’ll give Schreiber that. Becker is a man who loves violence and an exclusionary membership.

Becker, I fear for the emotional safety of your girlfriend and daughters (exploited in the article to help portray you as a humble family guy so I don’t mind mentioning them here) because you don’t strike me as a man who particularly respects women.  (Remember how neat it was when your good friend and star employee Dominic  Chianese, Jr. told my girlfriend and me, “I will take you around the corner and rape you…I will rape you…I will rape you, then ignore you.  In the old days you would be dead.”)  Boy, I bet you gave him a severe dressing down for that one, eh?  Are you training your daughters to be pretty and serve drinks as well, and do you drag them around the way you order your staff to do your customers? Serge Becker: Feminist. Right.

Please leave the good people of planet Earth alone and go back to hell (or Paris), t-shirt and all.



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