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Voices from the Dennison Crypt

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A Shaheb’s Guide to India

shaheb – (India; also saheb, sahib; from the Hindi and Urdu sāhab, master; from Arabic ṣāḥib, companion; participle of ṣaḥiba, to become friends) 
1. formerly, a term of respect for any  male landowner
2. formerly, a term of respect for white European men during the British colonial era
3. (modern) any white man

Assume with me for a minute that ghosts really are, without a doubt, real. The dead really can contact us. EVPs/Raudive voices/ghost box voices are the real deal.  That said, it follows that it’s pointless to try and get any decent EVP’s in a cemetery. Why would ghosts be hanging around  a cemetery full of strangers when they can go back to their still-living families or the places that were near and dear to them in life? Sure, cemeteries can be creepy and I’m not sure I’d enjoy traipsing around in one at night, but really my belief is that they are generally ghost-free.

A still from the background looping slideshow in BONEYARDS.

A still from the background looping slideshow in BONEYARDS.

Unless a particular grave or cemetery is historically believed to be haunted; then, it might be worth a look. Take the notorious Bachelor Grove Cemetery outside of Chicago which I plan to visit in March during my trek on the California Zephyr for my Amtrak Writers Residency. Or the Dennison family crypt in Kolkata’s South Park Street Cemetery, one of my favorite haunts in West Bengal, India. When I was last there earlier this month I took my trusty P-SB7 spirit box with me, the one I use live onstage in Boneyards, to check it out. (continue reading…)

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Happy Holidays from Boneyards

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We’ll leave a light on for you.

SadhuShiva3 and Boneyards wish you happy holidays, a wide open third eye and a brightly illuminated new year.

Look for us to resurface after the spring thaw.

Your Friends in the Cellar





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Boneyards EVP Log – 11/3/13

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Jeffrey Stanley, American sadhu.

Before proceeding I strongly urge you to read and hear the 10/20/13 seance transcript and video regarding the “Buddhist  exorcism” the audience and I attempted to conduct in an effort to help “V,” the  spirit of a 2-year-old toddler, escape and pass through the door to Heaven in accordance  with the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

During the next show on 11/2/13 I was happy not to have heard from V, as it hopefully meant our so-called exorcism was successful and she  moved forward.

Boy was I wrong.  The following (and final) show on 11/3/13 left me completely floored.  This is one of those good Ouija board stories. No possessed kittens, no dire warnings of doom, but a truly positive and spiritual experience. The  Ouija board at its best.  Read on… (continue reading…)

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Boneyards EVP Log – 10/20/13

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1920-SeanceBefore proceeding I urge you, gentle reader, to read and view the previous show’s (10/17/13) seance summary as there is a direct carryover with this one culminating in my effort to conduct a “Buddhist exorcism,” for lack of a better description, on the 2-year-old “V,” a recent arrival at the synagogue and not one of the 12 original ghosts at this location that I call the Synagogue Saints.

All caught up now? Great, you may proceed.  At the show’s climax audience volunteers Eric and Kristen personed the board.   We at first assumed we were speaking with an adult spirit (or subconscious ideomotor impulse, depending on your beliefs) but then it kept spelling MAM, MAM, MAM over and over. At first we thought it was their initials but it told us NO.

Do you know anyone here?  YES. 

Who? LAURA.  

Yep, there was indeed a Laura in the house who looked decidedly freaked at seeing her name spelled out on the Ouija board.  How do you know Laura?

The response was more MAM over and over again.

LAURA: I don’t know anyone with those initials.

ME:  It’s talking like a child saying the same word over and over. I think we’ve got a kid here.


Indeed the repetition was childlike and rather sad.  We imagined a young child calling for its mother over and over and not sure how to spell it. This is extremely similar to my encounter with young MALA/MALALA 2 years ago during BZ:ABOTD who wound up following me from the Blue Grotto in West Philly to Plays & Players Theatre and taking up residence there but that’s another story.  In short, it seems children who have died violent deaths are particularly frightened and stuck, not sure how to move on. Heartbreakingly, they especially want to find their mothers.

Where’s your real mom? KILLED. 

Who killed her? (continue reading…)

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Boneyards EVP Log – 10/17/13

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IMG_2813After a month’s hiatus we’re back online, folks. Boneyards is back from the dead to rock your underworld just in time for Halloween. Only 3 shows left — 10/20, 11/2 and 11/3.  Last night’s 10/17 show was the kickoff. Read on –

Something quite phenomenal happened at last night’s seance that closes every show. In short, a dead kid needs our help and  I intend to help her. Will you join me?  At first, our two Ouija volunteers Kathryn and Geoff (with verbal help from Questioner Karen and myself) got the planchette to tell us its initial, V, and that it was years old.  This has happened to me before but rarely; a child spirit that has been around for many, many years will take on a certain adultlike maturity even while remaining childlike in its answers and overall behavior.  This was borne out as V, when answering a question, would point to the star shape on the Ouija board rather than spelling a complete word, just like any 2-year-old might.  In a different context it might have been adorable.  V did confirm that she was standing to my right (I held out my right hand and asked if she was near it or near my other hand), and that she was not alone. This didn’t surprise me as I already assumed that the 12 Synagogue Saints, as I call them, were in the room with us.  But V told us that only 5 were present.  I don’t know why, but I feel that V was a little girl although gender was never specifically discussed.

I crossed the room and fired up the P-SB7 spirit box.

Meanwhile at the Ouija board, the planchette moved to YES and stayed firmly planted; not just sitting there but refusing to move. If you’ve used a Ouija board a lot you know what I mean. We switched Ouija volunteers numerous times in an effort to “warm up” the board, like tuning in a radio, but the result was always the same.  The planchette was firmly planted on YES.  Prior to this, the planchette had also been moving extremely slowly and we cracked jokes that maybe it was an old woman who has visited us in a previous session.  At that the spirit box called out “Lazy!” loud and clear across the room (see the full EVP video and transcript below).

But there is a larger picture unfolding here, readers.  This kid,  this perished toddler, V, is frightened and asking for our help. Some of the spirits around her are also asking us to help her.  I’ll tell you what I plan to try in the upcoming show this Sunday, but first get the full picture–

As always the raw footage is 5 minutes long. I’ve cut it down to the most audible highlights. Every EVP has also been slowed (continue reading…)

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