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Tagore and Whitman at ICCR Kolkata

by on May.21, 2019, under On the Road, Shaheb Cafe, Theatre

On 4/25/19 I was in a show at ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) Kolkata performing selections from Rabindranath Tagore’s Nobel-winning “Gitanjali” poetry collection in English while my counterpart Indrani Majumder performed them in Bengali. I ended with a selection from 19th century US poet Walt Whitman‘s “Song of Myself” as it always reminds me of Tagore. Their shared search for the divine in the everyday seems to make them a perfect pairing. Above is a short excerpt from the show.


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CISF’s Daring Rescue in Bangalore

by on Dec.02, 2018, under On the Road, Pophood, Shaheb Cafe

Yours Truly with CISF Officer Ravindra Pratap

The Absent-Minded Professor with CISF Officer Ravindra Pratap.

This week I left Kolkata to spend a week in Bangalore working with the highly acclaimed Bangalore Little Theatre  (affectionately known as BLT) where I will catch some of their new plays, accompany them to a rural area where they do theatre education outreach to economically disadvantaged schools, and where I will teach a one-day playwriting workshop to BLT members.

My Indigo Airlines flight was on time, and finally during my flight I got to have one of my much anticipated Indian delicacies, the Indigo Airlines chicken junglee sandwich and a cup of Darjeeling tea. If you haven’t tried one, you haven’t lived. You think I’m kidding.

The trouble began after I landed at KIA (Kempegowda International Airport).  I grabbed a luggage trolley (always free in India; a lesson for US airports) and dropped my shoulder bag into the topmost rack of the trolley near the handlebar.  My two pieces of checked luggage arrived on the belt in no time. I tossed them onto the trolley and made for the exit while opening the Uber app on my phone.

Along the way I stopped at a small shop in the airport lobby, left my trolley near the shop entrance and took two steps to the counter to buy a bottle of water, all of which took less than 60 seconds.   I was soon outside pushing my trolley up and down the sidewalk, past the Subway, the Krispy Kreme, and a host of other colorful eateries that were primarily a mix of South Indian and US cuisines, looking for the blasted Uber pickup spot. I had already requested the car so I needed to hustle.

Only when I reached the Uber stand and started to load my luggage into the car did I realize my shoulder bag was missing.  I whipped the trolley around and walk-ran back toward the terminal.  Some wiseguy had lifted my bag right off my cart while I was buying water, I  fumed.   Where am I, Philadelphia?

I flagged down a security guard. “Excuse me, my bag has been stolen.”  After the struggle of going through the particulars in English (my broken Bangla is worthless here in the state of Karnataka where the native language is Kannada), he sent me to the airport’s Central Industrial Security Force control center.  The CISF is a branch of India’s armed police force and is tasked with guarding industrial and infrastructure sites, including airports.

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Teaching in Kolkata

by on Oct.30, 2018, under Film/TV, On the Road, Shaheb Cafe


Dear Kolkata Friends,

Please pardon the intrusion but I thought perhaps some parties here would be interested in the two-day screenwriting workshop, with a focus on short screenplays, that I’ll be teaching in Kolkata on 24th and 25th November, sponsored by Bichitra Pathshala and ILEAD Kolkata. Please see the two links below for full details including cost. If you have any questions, please comment below.


Jeffrey Stanley

Mine is not an official US Department of State website. The views and information presented are my own and do not represent the Fulbright Program or the Department of State.
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Meet Pallab Mukherjee

by on Oct.08, 2018, under On the Road, Shaheb Cafe, Theatre

“You can see the place is very beautiful. It was made by my uncle, Pallab Mukherjee.” – Swakhar Mukherjee

Click above to watch my impromptu, on-the-fly tour of Gitanjali.

Today I went to interview the accomplished film and jatra theatre director Pallab Mukherjee, whose rehearsals for the Rajdip Opera I’ve been observing, at his home in north Kolkata. That, and an interview there with the playwright Brahmamoy Chatterjee, went off without a hitch. The surprise was that the theatre and film director, Pallab Mukherjee, also runs an NGO (non-governmental organization, aka, a nonprofit charity) called Gitanjali across the street from his home.



It was founded in 2011 as a nonprofit social welfare society which cooks and delivers hot meals to nearly 6000 at-risk children at nearly 35 schools across central and south Kolkata.  The organization employs 65 to 70 workers.

Gitanjali also produces numerous cultural programs including dance, music and theatre throughout the year. During Durga Puja, they do cultural programs daily and lead clothing drives.


Gitanjali is an urban oasis.

The organization gets some funding from the West Bengal state government but the bulk of the operation runs on private donations.

Pallab Mukherjee

Film and theatre director, and head of Gitanjali, Pallab Mukherjee

Mine is not an official US Department of State website. The views and information presented are my own and do not represent the Fulbright Program or the Department of State.


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