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Take the Money and Run

by on Feb.25, 2011, under Film/TV


The Hollywood Films Financed by Qaddafi Cash

by Adrian Chen

The Hollywood Films Financed by Qaddafi Cash

Know why Hollywood shouldn’t take money from the son of a repressive North African dictator, no matter how nice he seems? His dad might one day go even more batshit crazy and order the mass murder of his own people when they start demanding freedom. Then you’re going to look like shitheads.

This is happening to Matty Beckerman’s Natural Selection film production fund. Last year, 37-year-old Al-Saadi Qaddafi [pictured left], the ex-soccer player son of Libya’s Colonel Qaddafi, invested $100 million in the LA-based fund. At the time, Beckerman brushed off concerns about the Qaddafi connection: “Initially when people hear it they get concerned. But it’s money at a time when very little equity is out there.” Plus, Qaddafi was a natural partner because, “He’s seen ‘Lost’ 30 times.” (The dude also paid Beyonce $2 million to perform at a New Year’s Eve bash in 2009.)

A new Bloomberg article speculates that even as his father orders massacres, Al-Saadi may be able to “continue to push film CONT’D AT GAWKER.COM>>

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Wintour Calls Gangster Becker On the Carpet

by on Jul.21, 2010, under NYC, The Press

How Serge Becker treats his neighbors and customers.

Gawker writer Brian Moylan trashes Vogue editor Anna Wintour for trying to run Serge Becker out of town on a rail and for saying of him, rightfully (and I speak from first-hand experience), “I know the kind of places he’s involved in and the kind of people that he brings.”  Like I said, she’s exactly right, and he’s been getting away with it and will continue to do so for years.  Follow the [bribe] money.  Becker has a long history of utter disregard and contempt for his neighbors and a pattern providing employment opportunities and hangouts for unrepentant drug addicts and hoodlums. His establishments are little more than glammed up crack houses.  Don’t take my word for it, do your own homework.

I hate it when a jackass hipster posing as a journalist describes the residents of a neighborhood as “pesky” for not wanting their blocks turned into eternal street parties and crack dens for his over-privileged moron friends.    Damn you, pesky citizens, for not rolling over and playing dead so coke-addled, pretentious suburban kids can live out their NYC glam fantasies and turn your residential block into a shithole. 

Wintour’s dead right about Becker and the crowd he runs with — convicted drug dealers, thugs, crackheads, crooks  – and that’s just the front-of-house staff.  Becker hand picks scum like this to be the public face of La Esquina, then wonders why no one wants him in their neighborhood? Gee Serge, what gives?   Wintour and her Greenwich Village neighbors might be “tony” but that doesn’t mean everyone who wants Becker’s slime pits shut down is in her same income bracket, so stop making sweeping generalizations.  Maybe she just doesn’t want to see her neighbors beaten, dragged, manhandled and have lit cigarettes tossed in their faces.

Where do you live, Moylan? Please tell us so we can come by and party Becker-style outside your place, ‘k? No complaints, now, junior, or we’ll brand you a NIMBY.

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