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Why You Should Vote for Jill and Ajamu

by on Aug.01, 2016, under Politics, The Press


The Wars

Trump insults Muslims. Hillary kills ‘em. Although she does have better manners, I’ll give her that.  I’m not voting for either of these reprehensible people. 150,000 dead Iraqi civilians and counting, and Hillary remains staunch in her vote to invade while a New York Senator (more on that below).  She should woman up and give an earnest mea culpa like Tony Blair and she might have my ear. Then there’s her 2011 Libya disaster.  Also, “top Pentagon officials, and even one of the most progressive Democrats in Congress, were so wary of Clinton’s warmongering that they corresponded with the regime of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi in hopes of pursuing some form of diplomacy. Qaddafi’s son Seif wanted to negotiate a ceasefire with the U.S. government, opening up communications with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Clinton later intervened and asked the Pentagon to stop talking to the Qaddafi regime.” And her post-war Libya plan was to “play it by ear” which is why ISIS invaded and why we’re back there now bombing the country some more.  President Obama calls the aftermath “a mess” and admitted that “failing to plan for the day after” was the worst mistake of his presidency.  I admire the President’s honesty, but even Hillary’s supporters concede she’s  “more hawkish” than Obama, and that’s a terrifying proposition.  Sorry, y’all, I’m with Malala. Seven wars, people. Barack Obama has involved us in seven military actions in sovereign nations during the past eight years.  Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen. How many Muslim civilians and elected leaders is Hillary planning to kill? How many more Muslim nations are we planning to help devastate?

The Home Front

Hillary voted for the Patriot Act. She also supports NSA surveillance, calling Edward Snowden a criminal. She also supports the Trans Pacific Partnership about which I remain highly suspicious. She has no record on LGBTQ rights other than the fact that she spent years openly opposed to gay marriage.  She also accepts campaign funds from Middle East regimes that publicly execute homosexuals.  I say this as a New Yorker who voted for her as Senator. Her stance against gay marriage was extremely disappointing to me. Then there was the time she made the racist remark about men sometimes getting angry and going “off the reservation,”  in other words behaving like a bunch of drunk Native Americans. Lovely. She next offended the Indian-American community by joking that she thought Mahatma Gandhi “ran a gas station.”  Then there was the time she thought it would be cute while addressing a black congregation to quote a Reverend James Cleveland spiritual at length in a Jim Crow accent. (continue reading…)

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Party’s Over

by on Jul.26, 2016, under Politics, The Press, The Sixth Boro

My Tweets last night–


were the dying embers of a liberal Democrat. Yes, I was already on the precipice but the ridiculous display from Franken and Silverman at the Wells-Fargo Center less than a mile from my Philadelphia home were the final shove I needed.

Do you think the DNC has learned anything from the leaked emails? They’re going to be neutral in future elections because, boy, they sure did learn their lesson? No, the lesson they’ve learned is that it worked. Hillary will win the nomination.  They just need to be more secretive the next time around and have better email security; that’s what they’ve learned. This thing has been rigged against Sanders since the word go, and it’s not just at the highest levels with DWS. It trickles down to the Democratic poll workers across the country who were called out and investigated for destroying Sanders votes and de-registering likely Sanders voters in advance of primaries.

Pro-Clinton pundits have been coming on TV all week saying yes, Hillary and the DNC played dirty pool but the primaries speak for themselves — Democrats voted mostly for Hillary.  That’s a disingenuous claim given the aforementioned DNC’s voter fraud against its own members, and the fact that the leaked emails show the DNC’s direct collusion with major media in manipulating public opinion during the primaries. So no, the primary votes don’t mean Hillary won fair and square.  And have you noticed that DWS got raked over the coals but none of the pundits are going after CNN and the like for proactively playing along? I’m talking about fools like Maria Cardona and Donna Brazile.

Now what we’re being told in summary is this:  yes, Hillary is crooked and the DNC operate a rigged system to silence liberal Democrats like myself, but you don’t want Trump to win do you?  What a cynical and disgusting game they’ve resorted to playing. It means that nothing, absolutely zero, will change in the DNC. What they’ve learned from all of this is that their tactics work.

One day my child will ask who I voted for in life and why, and I’m going to have to look him in the eye, and look at my own self in the mirror, and give an honest answer.  I want to tell my child that I voted my conscience.  My child is approaching school age and I’ve taught him not to be bullied, and to stop bullying when he sees it.  I am now being bullied by the DNC, and even Bernie Sanders, into voting for Hillary Clinton.  This is what the DNC thinks of liberal Democrats such as myself.

greenparty2Therefore I’m with Julian Assange, who told Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman this week that choosing between Clinton or Trump is like having to choose between cholera and gonorrhea:

“Well, you’re asking me, do I prefer cholera or gonorrhea? Personally, I would prefer neither. Look, I think—you know, we know how politics works in the United States. Whoever—whatever political party gets into government is going to merge with the bureaucracy pretty damn fast… So it doesn’t make much difference in the end. What does make a difference is political accountability, a general deterrence set to stop political organizations behaving in a corrupt manner. That can make a difference.”

I’m out.  I’m done tolerating blatant, unapologetic corruption in my political party.  I’m hearing you loud and clear, DNC.  You don’t want people like me. You will continue to proactively squash liberalism in your ranks, so I’m heading for Greener pastures.   It doesn’t mean I’ll never again vote for Democrats but I’m done being treated by the DNC like a poor relation.


I just changed my voter registration. Have you?


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