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Still Tricky After All These Years

by on Jan.12, 2017, under Politics, The Press, The Truth Is In Here


NY Times, 9/15/79

Does anyone remember Hollywood actress Jean Seberg? She made the mistake of supporting the Black Panthers and going against the FBI. Here’s what they did to her, straight from the NY Times, 1979. The lie caused her to miscarry and commit suicide.


“WASHINGTON, Sept. 14 — The Federal Bureau of Investigation acknowledged today that its agents plotted in 1970 to besmirch the reputation of Jean Seberg, the actress who committed suicide last week, by planting a rumor with news organizations that she was pregnant by high‐ranking member of the Black Panther Party.

The action against Miss Seberg, part of the F.B.I.’s counterintelligence program COINTELPRO, was intended to discredit her support of the black nationalist movement.

According to a document dated April 27, 1970, the Los Angeles office of the F.B.I. requested permission from J. Edgar Hoover, then Director of the bureau, to publicize Miss Seberg’s pregnancy, saying it was “felt the possible publication of Seberg’s plight could cause her embarrassment and serve to cheapen her image with the general public.”

Former Husband Assails Bureau

Romain Gary, the prominent French author and diplomat who was Miss Seberg’s husband in 1970, said at a news conference in Paris last week that the baby was his and that the F.B.I. had destroyed the actress’s life. (continue reading…)

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised — Because it Won’t Happen

by on Oct.02, 2016, under Politics

Mitt Romney video leaked in September 2012: “All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what.”


Hillary Clinton video leaked in September 2016: “There’s just a deep desire to believe that we can have free college, free healthcare, that what we’ve done hasn’t gone far enough, and that we just need to, you know, go as far as, you know, Scandinavia, whatever that means, and half the people don’t know what that means, but it’s something that they deeply feel. Some are new to politics completely. They’re children of the Great Recession. And they are living in their parents’ basement. They feel they got their education and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves. And they don’t see much of a future. If you’re feeling like you’re consigned to, you know, being a barista, or you know, some other job that doesn’t pay a lot, and doesn’t have some other ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe, you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing.

And the last thing either major party wants is a political revolution.

One thing is clear. Both Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton really can’t stand Barack Obama.

[photos via]

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Don’t be a Wallflower. All the Brave Kids are Partying With Jill Stein.

by on Aug.11, 2016, under Politics, The Truth Is In Here


Grass roots activist YahNe Ndgo


Julian Assange



Martina Salinas, Green Party candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner

“It’s not a revolution to watch a president drop a mic then drop a bunch of bombs on people.”






Scholar and activist Dr. Cornel West

“Look past this moment. Build pressure. [That] checks the abuses of government.”






“A vote is only wasted when you vote against your conscience.”


Indigenous Rights Activist Rodolfo Muñoz, Green Party candidate for Texas Supreme Court







“We understand the difference between a neofascist catastrophe and a neoliberal disaster.  But we reject both.”





“The system is rigged. My people have known that for a long time.”


Vice Presidential Candidate Ajamu Baraka






“I’ve been committed to independent politics all my life. The electoral process is a way that we build power for the people.”


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Why You Should Vote for Jill and Ajamu

by on Aug.01, 2016, under Politics, The Press


The Wars

Trump insults Muslims. Hillary kills ‘em. Although she does have better manners, I’ll give her that.  I’m not voting for either of these reprehensible people. 150,000 dead Iraqi civilians and counting, and Hillary remains staunch in her vote to invade while a New York Senator (more on that below).  She should woman up and give an earnest mea culpa like Tony Blair and she might have my ear. Then there’s her 2011 Libya disaster.  Also, “top Pentagon officials, and even one of the most progressive Democrats in Congress, were so wary of Clinton’s warmongering that they corresponded with the regime of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi in hopes of pursuing some form of diplomacy. Qaddafi’s son Seif wanted to negotiate a ceasefire with the U.S. government, opening up communications with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Clinton later intervened and asked the Pentagon to stop talking to the Qaddafi regime.” And her post-war Libya plan was to “play it by ear” which is why ISIS invaded and why we’re back there now bombing the country some more.  President Obama calls the aftermath “a mess” and admitted that “failing to plan for the day after” was the worst mistake of his presidency.  I admire the President’s honesty, but even Hillary’s supporters concede she’s  “more hawkish” than Obama, and that’s a terrifying proposition.  Sorry, y’all, I’m with Malala. Seven wars, people. Barack Obama has involved us in seven military actions in sovereign nations during the past eight years.  Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen. How many Muslim civilians and elected leaders is Hillary planning to kill? How many more Muslim nations are we planning to help devastate?

The Home Front

Hillary voted for the Patriot Act. She also supports NSA surveillance, calling Edward Snowden a criminal. She also supports the Trans Pacific Partnership about which I remain highly suspicious. She has no record on LGBTQ rights other than the fact that she spent years openly opposed to gay marriage.  She also accepts campaign funds from Middle East regimes that publicly execute homosexuals.  I say this as a New Yorker who voted for her as Senator. Her stance against gay marriage was extremely disappointing to me. Then there was the time she made the racist remark about men sometimes getting angry and going “off the reservation,”  in other words behaving like a bunch of drunk Native Americans. Lovely. She next offended the Indian-American community by joking that she thought Mahatma Gandhi “ran a gas station.”  Then there was the time she thought it would be cute while addressing a black congregation to quote a Reverend James Cleveland spiritual at length in a Jim Crow accent. (continue reading…)

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Jill Stein for President

by on Jul.27, 2016, under On the Road, Politics, The Sixth Boro


To follow up on yesterday’s post

“I’m telling ya, this is going to be the death of liberals. this nit-picky, intramural attacking of friends for insufficient purity. Compulsively cleaning up a little corner of the room, that’s already quite clean…while there are giant piles of shit everywhere else.” – Bill Maher

I guess Bill Maher considers Libya a “little corner.” Ditto the deportation of children back to Central American war zones. Bill Maher won’t tell you any of those things about Hillary Clinton because he’s a Muslim-hating white nationalist who will do everything in his power to keep you ignorant about her foreign policy.  His strictly “America first” discussion of his pal Hillary betrays a virulent racism underneath. It’s worse than Trump’s isolationism. It’s giving Hillary carte blanche to do as she wishes abroad because pundits like Bill Maher will help ensure it won’t get discussed at home.  Even on her domestic policies he won’t discuss her support of fracking and her years of anti-gay marriage rhetoric, not to mention her painfully racist remarks. See here for the full scoop on what Bill Maher doesn’t want you to know about.  He’ll make sure you stay focused on how much you hate Trump.

I indeed felt picked apart, shouted down and ridiculed by my own party’s speakers and leadership this week, and I know there’s a huge pile of shit in Libya for one place. It troubles me to no end than neither Bill Maher nor my (formerly) fellow liberal Democrats want to address it. They’re really okay with thousands of dead Muslim civilians and more to come under Hillary (most likely Tehran if she’s elected president). They just won’t talk about it, sort of like CNN. Even Bill Clinton skipped right over Libya last night during his pep rally. US Prez is the most powerful person in the world so we can’t just say yes but she says pretty things about Muslims here at home, and all we care about is what happens here at home. We’re okay with thousands of dead civilians as long as they’re brown and live far away, and as long as Hillary says she’s pro-choice and pro-LGBT rights here at home. How disturbingly narcissistic are we? This is its own kind of isolationism and she too is a demagogue.

Hillary was also pro-TPP until 5 minutes ago to appease Sanders supporters and I still don’t believe she won’t switch right back if elected. Trump is also pretending to be anti-TPP. Trump is also now pretending to be pro-LGBT.

All of my liberal Dem friends have spent years opposed to the Iraq invasion even though under Bush it labeled us pro-Saddam. Hillary fell right in line with Bush back then and we disliked her for it. Now that Trump is saying the same thing we’re all siding with Bush and Hillary Clinton by default, or just saying nothing and avoiding the subject.

If we take the stance that politicians say all kinds of crazy things during an election year, then all we can go on is their actions. Let’s try it. Trump might say horrible things. Clinton does them. Trump might want a temporary ban on Muslims. Clinton attacks a sovereign nation and murders thousands of them. And when they devolve into a 3-way civil war and ISIS invades she can only call the situation “unfortunate” as we send in 250 Special Forces troops to keep the oil roads open. Don’t forget that’s what this is still all about, y’all. The oil.

Hillary’s got until election day to win me back and only one thing will work: promising to name Bernie Sanders her Secretary of State.  Until that fairy tale occurs I’m a Jill Stein supporter right along with Cornel West and I hope you’ll check out his inspirational and factual words here –…/dr-cornel-west-is-right…

A sampling: “This November, we need change. Yet we are tied in a choice between Trump, who would be a neo-fascist catastrophe, and Clinton, a neo-liberal disaster. That’s why I am supporting Jill Stein. I am with her – the only progressive woman in the race – because we’ve got to get beyond this lock-jaw situation. I have a deep love for my brother Bernie Sanders, but I disagree with him on Hillary Clinton. I don’t think she would be an ‘outstanding president’. Her militarism makes the world a less safe place…Clinton policies of the 1990s generated inequality, mass incarceration, privatization of schools and Wall Street domination. There is also a sense that the Clinton policies helped produce the right-wing populism that we’re seeing now in the country. And we think she’s going to come to the rescue? That’s not going to happen…The American empire is in deep spiritual decline and cultural decay. The levels of wealth inequality and environmental degradation is grotesque. The correct response to this is: tell the truth about what is going on.”

And here’s what Jill Stein herself had to say this week –

A sampling: “Despite her penchant for flip flopping rhetoric, Hillary Clinton has spent decades consistently serving the causes of Wall Street, war and the Walmart economy. The policies she fought for – along with her husband and political partner, Bill Clinton – have been foundations of the economic disaster most Americans are still struggling with: the abuses of deregulated Wall Street, rigged corporate trade agreements, racist mass incarceration, and the destruction of the social safety net for poor women and children. The consistent efforts of the Democratic Party to minimize, sideline, and sabotage the Sanders campaign are a wake up call that we can’t have a revolutionary campaign inside a counter-revolutionary party. Sadly, Sanders is one of a long line of true reformers that have been undermined by the Democratic Party…Each time a progressive challenger like Sanders, Dennis Kucinich or Jesse Jackson has inspired hope for real change, the Democratic Party has sabotaged them while marching to the right, becoming more corporatist and militarist with each election cycle. Millions are realizing that if we want to fix the rigged economy, the rigged racial injustice system, the rigged health care system, toxic fossil fuel energy and all the other systems failing us, we must fix the rigged political system, and that will not happen through the rigged Democratic Party. Right now we have a real chance to change our rigged political system, and we must not squander this opportunity by pledging allegiance to a corrupt political insider who the majority of Americans do not like, trust or believe in.”

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Black Bill v. White Bill

by on Jan.04, 2016, under Politics, The Press, The Truth Is In Here

I am troubled by the double standard (on several levels) at work in the media’s depiction of a black wife standing up for her allegedly rapey husband and a white wife doing the same. I’m talking of course about the two Bills. I’ve heard lots of dismissive and insulting words used to describe Camille Cosby (she’s a sheep, a fool, when is she going to wake up?, etc.) whereas Hillary Clinton is “classy” for “shutting down” a “heckler” simply because the so-called heckler, Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien, a state representative, is a Republican rape victim.

I was appalled seeing Hillary’s women supporters booing this woman and shouting her down during Hilary’s recent town hall in New Hampshire. If this had a been a Trump town hall we  all be up in arms (by “we” I mean liberal Democrats and liberal Independents). Don’t know if you saw the clip of the so-called heckler afterward but if not I urge you to see this link. She’s clearly visibly shaken and tearful as she describes herself as a rape victim standing up for other rape victims and as yet I have no reason to doubt her, I don’t care what party she’s from.

“I asked her how in the world she can say that Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey are lying when she has no idea who Juanita Broaddrick is…She told me this summer she doesn’t know who she is and doesn’t want to know who she is. How can she assess that they are lying?…She says that rape victims should be believed. I agree with her, that is true, they should be believed and we should assess what they are saying, she doesn’t even what to assess it.”

“I would say that everyone should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence,” Clinton said calmly before moving onto other questions. [SHE SOUNDS LIKE BILL COSBY'S LAWYER!]

Meanwhile, Camille’s being forced to publicly give testimony against her husband…


Bill Cosby’s wife Camille ordered to give deposition

Camille Cosby will have to testify in a defamation suit brought against her husband Bill Cosby after a court denied her motion to quash her deposition order.


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Impartial Corporate Media Names Hillary Winner

by on Oct.14, 2015, under Film/TV, Politics, The Press

Hillary won the debate. I know because the moment it ended told me so with the all caps headline CLINTON SWEEPS DEBATE. Not sure what criteria the editors were using. Today it’s a little more tempered but same unwavering message. Likewise another unabashed Clinton dynasty backer the NY Times sez A NIGHT GOES CLINTON’S WAY. You aren’t thinking of bucking the system and voting for another Democrat are you? A handful of people at the top of the media food chain are working hard to make sure you aren’t.

My beef isn’t with Hillary, it’s with the mainstream media on both sides. I’m tired of living in a cartoon.

UPDATE 10/15/15: Thank God I’m not the only one who noticed. See below.  “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) raised $1.3 million in four hours after the first Democratic presidential debate started on Tuesday night, according to his campaign.  His campaign blasted out an email seeking donations from his line defending Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as Secretary of State. The remark from Sanders was the most retweeted of any candidate of the night with more than 12,000 shares on social media. It was also one of the night’s most memorable moments and helped contribute to Sanders dominating attention on social media and in online searches.”


this just in… Bernie Won All the Focus Groups & Online Polls, So Why Is the Media Saying Hillary Won the Debate? (

and this

Pundits Thought Clinton Beat Sanders – but Did Viewers? (  “Pundits who said Hillary Clinton won the first Democratic debate failed to mention that every online poll one could find that asked web visitors who won the debate named Bernie Sanders…”


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Gulf of Tonkin Redux?

by on May.26, 2010, under Politics, The Press, The Truth Is In Here

USS Maddox

Now that Hillary Clinton is beating the drums of war and calling on the entire world to rise to its “duty” to respond to North Korea’s supposed attack on a South Korean warship and the murder of 46 crew, a flood of frightening analogies and comparisons come to mind.

The most obvious one is that this is strikingly similar to how US involvement in Vietnam began in 1964: with a false attack attributed to North Vietnam against the US warship Maddox, then exploited as a real attack by LBJ.  By the rules of our SETO treaty this incident, now debunked, gave Lyndon Johnson the legal greenlight he needed to take military action in Southeast Asia.

Is South Korea’s Cheonan to USS Maddox as North Korea’s “torpedo sub” is to North Vietnam’s nonexistent Tonkin ghost ships of ’64? Let’s hope not.

The recent events surrounding North Korea also call to mind how Bill Clinton found a way to win the world’s approval to remove mega-mobster Milosevic from power by having NATO bomb Europe (and, by the way, use depleted uranium weapons in Kosovo even after he promised not to do so — way to help the Kosovo Albanian populace) by citing the faked massacre of 45 Albanian civilians by Yugoslav police at Racak, Kosovo in 1999.

Of course, neither Democrat Lyndon Johnson nor Democrat Bill Clinton have anything on Republican George W. Bush’s trickery to get us into an oil war in Iraq, ostensibly to remove Saddam from power and help the Iraqi civilians but at the loss of thousands upon thousands of Iraqi civilians’ lives.

Have Hillary and Obama learned from these Democrat and Republican spin masters how best to position a US — I mean South Korean (right) — bombing run into North Korea to get rid of the latest Milosevic, Kim Jong Il? We’ll soon find out. I hope I’m wrong.

KJI is dangerous and irrational, or at least wants to present himself as such, but let’s hope our equally dangerous and irrational rhetoric of late won’t result in hundreds of thousands of dead North Korean civilians we’re supposedly liberating from oppression, over a relative handful of dead South Korean soldiers.

Hillary’s lustily rattling her sabre, and South Korea’s president Lee Myung-bak is cocking his rifle, and our big trade partner China is pretending to be on the fence but leaning heavily toward siding with the US.   The North Korean leadership is just as full of hype as the rest of these players but they’re still calling this whole mess a “wild provocation.” Are they right? If they did torpedo the ship then why be bashful about it? Something’s not right here.

I had to look elsewhere to find out some apparently objective facts beyond all the hype and rhetoric coming from the the West via our mainstream media. The following is culled from South Korea-based pro-democracy news organization NKnet, the Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights

Despite North Korea’s rhetoric that “all communication links between North and South Korea are severed,” and “the North-South Economic Cooperation Council Office in the Kaesong Industrial Complex is being frozen and abolished, and all South Korean workers are to be immediately deported,” … the North Korean military authorities granted entrance to the Kaesong Complex for South Korean personnel this morning. Movement into and out of the Kaesong Complex is continuing normally, while fixed line telephones connecting the Kaesong Industrial Complex and parent corporations in South Korea are operating without any problems, too. This appears to display North Korea’s underlying desire to continue operating the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

These don’t seem like the actions of a small country eager to go to war against the US, Japan, China and South Korea.

It seems no one in our government or media is interested in reporting such hopeful signs that this will be resolved peacefully. Why is that the case?  It’s more exciting, and therefore more lucrative, to snatch at every opportunity to beat the drums of war.

[photo via wikipedia]


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