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More Trouble for Serge Becker

by on Dec.03, 2014, under NYC

Serge Becker, restaurateur and former business associate of convicted international drug smuggler Cordell Lochin

This fake La Esquina owner still doesn’t know how to apply for a liquor license in NYC?  Doubtful as he has a long history here, and a long history of crimes large and small in this town. Why does trouble always follow this man at every one of his establishments?


Cafe Select Pauses Dinner for a Bit While It Sorts Out Liquor License Issue

By Devra Ferst

“Serge Becker’s Swiss-inspired Cafe Select is cutting off dinner service for a little while. A manager says the restaurant’s having an issue with its liquor license, but wouldn’t say precisely what that issue is.”  CONT’D at>>

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Aleim‘s Bad Reporting

by on Oct.10, 2012, under NYC, The Press

Embattled restaurateur and night club owner Serge Becker.

Aleim, from the Hebrew for, apparently, “horrifically bad reporting,” published a fluff piece on Serge Becker as part of his publicist’s ongoing campaign to change his image into that of humble nice-guy and community-minded father.  Aleim, a struggling newcomer, is the only kind of publication where Becker’s publicist can get away with such tripe.

The article, written by Shirine Saad, has no comments section because most likely no New Yorkers can be found to say something nice about Becker and Aleim knows it. La Esquina as a drug-free Disneyland? That was particularly disturbing, Shirine, given that Becker is well-known for facilitating the illegal drug trade at his establishments.  One of Becker’s partners, Cordell Lochin, was an international drug smuggler sent to prison by a federal court, and Becker committed perjury by stonewalling, attempting to publicly distance himself from Lochin, and giving what prosecutors described as “odd” testimony during the hearings. Becker, at the behest of co-owners James Gersten and Derek Sanders, instructed his staff to engage in a systematized pattern of assault and battery of its customers, including, ironically for Mexican-themed La Esquina, a Latino newspaper reporter.  Becker is a thug, a criminal, and the worst kind of New Yorker, who then wonders why his neighbors don’t want him and his establishments darkening their doorsteps.  He needs to meet the same fate as Peter Gatien: deportation. 

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Happy New Year From New York’s Finest

by on Dec.31, 2011, under NYC

serge becker

Embattled restaurateur and night club owner Serge Becker, former business associate of James Gersten, Derek Sander and convicted international drug smuggler Cordell Lochin

Toldja.  I know first hand as NYPD refused to take mine and my future spouse’s complaint after being assaulted and threatened with rape at La Esquina in 2006.

NYPD Leaves Offenses Unrecorded to Keep Crime Rates Down

by Al Baker and Joseph Goldstein, New York Times 

“Crime victims in New York sometimes struggle to persuade the police to write down what happened on an official report…Police officers, detectives and commanders cited departmental pressure to keep crime statistics low.” CONT’D at >>

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Serge Becker, Night Stalker

by on Jul.27, 2011, under NYC, The Press

Serge “Kumbaya” Becker portrays an ordinary joe. Photo via

Here’s why you pay a high end publicist a couple-grand a month. She gets you placed in publications like the New York Times Up Close section (Serge Becker, Night Life Impresario) to help repair your reputation, and makes sure you wear humble, down-to-earth nice guy clothes and strike a humble pose as a mere lover of good food and elegant atmospheres who wouldn’t hurt a fly.  How could a guy who loves candelabras be dangerous?

Naturally the fluff piece  about this fake La Esquina owner doesn’t ask him any real questions, and what kind of journalist worth his salt (the asleep-at-the-wheel Ben Detrick in this case) completely avoids discussing Becker’s pattern of condoning assault and battery of his customers, employing known drug addicts and convicted international drug smugglers

My “debauched” right arm. Journalist Ben Detrick you are an asshole.

(yep, read it and weep; I speak from direct personal experience) as his awesome front of house staff (described here as “discerning doormen,”  Detrick reduces all of this to mere “debauchery.”)

Um no, try a reputation for a pattern of allowing felonies at his establishments.  Private citizens, celebrities and politicians come out  in droves to do everything legally possible to stop Becker when he tries to seep into their neighborhoods and open another one of his elitist, violent drug dens, and with good reason.  Helps to have do-nothing cops on your side, eh?

Becker lookalike and Serge Davidian Liev Schreiber. Photo via

Then there’s actor Liev Schreiber whom I want to still respect as an artist but who stupidly describes pal Becker in the article as his “own private David Koresh.”  Does Schrieber know who Koresh was?  Was that a Freudian slip? Because in a way it is accurate, I’ll give Schreiber that. Becker is a man who loves violence and an exclusionary membership.

Becker, I fear for the emotional safety of your girlfriend and daughters (exploited in the article to help portray you as a humble family guy so I don’t mind mentioning them here) because you don’t strike me as a man who particularly respects women.  (Remember how neat it was when your good friend and star employee Dominic  Chianese, Jr. told my girlfriend and me, “I will take you around the corner and rape you…I will rape you…I will rape you, then ignore you.  In the old days you would be dead.”)  Boy, I bet you gave him a severe dressing down for that one, eh?  Are you training your daughters to be pretty and serve drinks as well, and do you drag them around the way you order your staff to do your customers? Serge Becker: Feminist. Right.

Please leave the good people of planet Earth alone and go back to hell (or Paris), t-shirt and all.



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Wintour Calls Gangster Becker On the Carpet

by on Jul.21, 2010, under NYC, The Press

How Serge Becker treats his neighbors and customers.

Gawker writer Brian Moylan trashes Vogue editor Anna Wintour for trying to run Serge Becker out of town on a rail and for saying of him, rightfully (and I speak from first-hand experience), “I know the kind of places he’s involved in and the kind of people that he brings.”  Like I said, she’s exactly right, and he’s been getting away with it and will continue to do so for years.  Follow the [bribe] money.  Becker has a long history of utter disregard and contempt for his neighbors and a pattern providing employment opportunities and hangouts for unrepentant drug addicts and hoodlums. His establishments are little more than glammed up crack houses.  Don’t take my word for it, do your own homework.

I hate it when a jackass hipster posing as a journalist describes the residents of a neighborhood as “pesky” for not wanting their blocks turned into eternal street parties and crack dens for his over-privileged moron friends.    Damn you, pesky citizens, for not rolling over and playing dead so coke-addled, pretentious suburban kids can live out their NYC glam fantasies and turn your residential block into a shithole. 

Wintour’s dead right about Becker and the crowd he runs with — convicted drug dealers, thugs, crackheads, crooks  – and that’s just the front-of-house staff.  Becker hand picks scum like this to be the public face of La Esquina, then wonders why no one wants him in their neighborhood? Gee Serge, what gives?   Wintour and her Greenwich Village neighbors might be “tony” but that doesn’t mean everyone who wants Becker’s slime pits shut down is in her same income bracket, so stop making sweeping generalizations.  Maybe she just doesn’t want to see her neighbors beaten, dragged, manhandled and have lit cigarettes tossed in their faces.

Where do you live, Moylan? Please tell us so we can come by and party Becker-style outside your place, ‘k? No complaints, now, junior, or we’ll brand you a NIMBY.

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Cordell Lochin Out of the Slammer

by on May.27, 2010, under NYC, The Press

Cordell Lochin

Serge Becker, James Gersten and Derek Sanders’ La Esquina business associate, the  convicted international drug smuggler Cordell Lochin, is in a Brooklyn halfway house.  Maybe he’s truly a changed man; anything’s possible. I know first-hand that sometimes prison miracles happen.

His friends and family have even started a Cordell fan page on Facebook in a show of support, so he clearly has every intention of remaining a highly visible public figure. You’re offering him his old job back as  “social connector,” right Becker, because you’re such an upstanding, community-minded citizen who’s always there to support your rehabilitated employees? Oh right, you did a sloppy legal tapdance to try and publicly distance yourself from Lochin when he was sentenced. Now there’s a friend.


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La Esquina Gets Vacate Order

by on May.10, 2010, under NYC, The Press

serge becker

La Esquina’s fake owner Serge Becker, repped by publicist Nadine Johnson, spent years fronting for real owners James Gersten and Derek Sanders.

The beleagured La Esquina shuttered yet again.  Shocking.

“Serge Becker’s La Esquina was inspected last Friday because of a recent complaint that the kitchen exhaust was venting into a residential window. When the inspector showed up, the cellar restaurant was found to have combustible wood ceilings and inadequate egress for its customers. Three days later, today actually, La Esquina was slapped with the vacate order. A tipster with a reservation in the near future just received a call from the restaurant, which told her that all reservations have been canceled due to ‘uncontrollable circumstances.’”  Read the full article at

UPDATE:  Two months later it would emerge that Serge Becker is not and never was the owner of La Esquina. He was protecting the real owners, a pair of standup guys named James Gersten and Derek Sanders, so they are the real culprits here. Even the city’s Department of Buildings had been duped at the time. Gersten and Sanders also aided and abetted Becker in duping convicted international drug smuggler Cordell Lochin into thinking he was a co-owner.  The lack of exits at this establishment is just the tip of the iceberg. Gersten and Sanders also used Becker and Lochin to dodge multiple allegations of rape, threats of rape, and assault and battery at La Esquina and dodged letters served on them by at least one complainant’s (that would be me) lawyer.   I’m just glad they’re having fun and building dream homes with their beautiful wives and children.

James Gersten with his interior decorator wife Analisse Taft. Photo via

Derek Sanders with his wife, Calvin Klein Collection president Michelle Kessler-Sanders. Photo via

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Crack in The Box

by on Sep.18, 2008, under NYC, The Press

serge becker

Serge Becker, restaurateur and former business associate of convicted international drug smuggler Cordell Lochin. Becker is repped by publicist Nadine Johnson.

Serge Becker and company allowing coke and hookers for their velvet rope, elitist clientele, who live everywhere except in the neighborhood, while abusing his performers? Why no, these new allegations in this raunchy and disgusting sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit  simply can’t be true.

The good news: The Box has been denied a liquor license renewal. Good work Community Board 3 and neighborhood residents. Keep it up.

Next stop, La Esquina.

Reputed crack addict Dominic “I will rape you and leave you for dead” Chianese, Jr. working the door at La Esquina in October, 2006 moments after joining two other staff in assaulting my future spouse and me. NYPD officers Wong and Gitten refused to allow me to press criminal charges and insisted on the spot that this was a civil case. Owners James Gersten and Derek Sanders, fronted by fake owners Serge Becker and Cordell Lochin (later convicted of international drug smuggling), continued employing him and dodged certified letters from my lawyer.

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Night of the Living Dead

by on May.22, 2008, under NYC, The Press

Dominic Chianese, Jr. working the door at La Esquina. “I will rape you. I will rape you and leave you for dead…In the old days you would be dead.” He is the employee of James Gersten, Derek Sanders (and pretend owners Serge Becker and Cordell Lochin).

According to carefully chosen words by Paper Magazine (now retracted and removed) and a highly informed blogger, alleged longtime drug abuser and La Esquina doorman Dominic “Rapey” Chianese, Jr.–the Nosferatulike ringleader of our assault, battery and menacing, the one who slapped me repeatedly, broke our camera, threatened to rape us and told us that “in the old days you would be dead”–was shot to death by a crack dealer in Florida. Selected portions of the rumor were then revised (he’s not quite dead) while the part about the crack deal remains vague. Is there any link between his Florida visit and Becker’s La Esquina Miami? Floridians beware.

Here’s what James Gersten and Derek Sanders’ unlicensed bouncers did to me:






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The Devil’s Errand Boy

by on Feb.01, 2008, under NYC, The Press

Cordell Lochin, duped by Serge Becker into thinking he was a co-owner of La Esquina, was pulling in a $50K salary paid by the real owners James Gersten and Derek Sanders.

After his “untruthful conduct” in federal court, international drug smuggler Cordell Lochin pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import and possess illegal drugs with intent to distribute. His sentencing in January ’08 led to a 3+ year jail term. Read more about these cockroaches’ court shenanigans.

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