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Aleim‘s Bad Reporting

by on Oct.10, 2012, under NYC, The Press

Embattled restaurateur and night club owner Serge Becker.

Aleim, from the Hebrew for, apparently, “horrifically bad reporting,” published a fluff piece on Serge Becker as part of his publicist’s ongoing campaign to change his image into that of humble nice-guy and community-minded father.  Aleim, a struggling newcomer, is the only kind of publication where Becker’s publicist can get away with such tripe.

The article, written by Shirine Saad, has no comments section because most likely no New Yorkers can be found to say something nice about Becker and Aleim knows it. La Esquina as a drug-free Disneyland? That was particularly disturbing, Shirine, given that Becker is well-known for facilitating the illegal drug trade at his establishments.  One of Becker’s partners, Cordell Lochin, was an international drug smuggler sent to prison by a federal court, and Becker committed perjury by stonewalling, attempting to publicly distance himself from Lochin, and giving what prosecutors described as “odd” testimony during the hearings. Becker, at the behest of co-owners James Gersten and Derek Sanders, instructed his staff to engage in a systematized pattern of assault and battery of its customers, including, ironically for Mexican-themed La Esquina, a Latino newspaper reporter.  Becker is a thug, a criminal, and the worst kind of New Yorker, who then wonders why his neighbors don’t want him and his establishments darkening their doorsteps.  He needs to meet the same fate as Peter Gatien: deportation. 

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