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Why I Support the Health Care Reform Law

by on Apr.22, 2010, under Politics

I have never once in my life heard someone say something positive about their health insurance. Have you?  Literally everyone I have ever discussed it with has had only complaints about their insurance company and their coverage, or lack thereof.  Health care reform finally takes a step toward catching us up with the rest of the western world, provides affordable coverage for nearly all Americans, and saves the country a trillion bucks over the next decade.

I found it hilarious during the final weeks before passage that Republicans took the stance that the bill needed to be scrapped and started anew, because suddenly they had decided after years of stonewalling that they had great ideas for how to enact health reform — absolutely laughable, and, as usual from this party, too little, too late.  Finally, the American people, and not the Republicans’ cronies in the insurance industry, won out.  Chalk one up to the little guy.

Too bad the populist Teabaggers can’t figure this out and throw their growing weight fully behind nationalized health care rather than carrying around misspelled placards comparing Obama to Hitler, when their own ranks appear to be filled with racists.  Insurance companies are finally being reigned in, and will no longer be able to hike up their premiums, and overcharge seniors and the other most vulnerable segments of our society.

(Okay, he does play too much golf and is probably a tit-for-tat prick in his personal relationships. I didn't say he could do no wrong.)

I am an independent voter, not a Democrat or a Republican or a member of any party.  I vote my conscience, and I voted for centrist Democrat Obama, but  I don’t agree fully with him on all issues.  I loathe some of his thinking,  but I’ll give him this: he is a man of his word, and has time and again — on Iraq, on Afghanistan, on health care reform, on offshore drilling, on repealing ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ on Guantanamo, on financial overhaul – taken concrete steps to achieve, or earnestly try to achieve, exactly what he promised to do when he ran for president.  He has disappointed me at times but has never once, so far, made me feel that he was lying to me, and for a politician this is truly rare.  Would that I could say the same for Wild Bill Clinton or the Bush crime family.

As soon as I catch Obama telling me a lie you’ll be the first to know.

[Photos swiped from and the Telegraph].

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Teabaggers Demand to Learn English

by on Apr.11, 2010, under Politics

Somehow I doubt this guy's making $250,000 a year.

Now, I wonder if she made this sign or her mother?

Yeah, this is are-country. We don't go to yore-country and try to make you speak English dew we? Well, yis we dew but, this here's are-country.

It's true. We live in a hugh corporation.

English is not our offical language? That's offal.

Tons more here.   [photos via]

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